Slow Fashion Love Stories

Slow Fashion Love Stories

Gia London
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New Chapters for Rebirth, Slow & Dreams on the horizon.
Najia Alavi (Gia founder) has birthed a Book! 

Here is your chance to pre order it and support our mission to go slow
Here is an extract from the blurb:
Fast fashion is literally killing the planet.
Did you know?
 The fast fashion industry is the 3rd largest polluter in the world after oil and agriculture,
Fast fashion generates 92 million tonnes of waste a year,
Consumes 1.5 trillion of water annually,
Contributes to 190,000 tonnes of oceanic microplastic pollution
80%of diss-guarded textiles are doomed for the landfill or incineration,
Only 20% are likely reused or recycled
The clothing that ends up in landfills can sit there for 20 plus years and as it decomposes it emits methane a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon.

It’s time to go Slow.
This book was written to demonstrate that Dreamcatchers of every age can
 help save the planet,
Save more money and be more creative with their fashion choices by opting for
slow sustainable and artisan fashion.
This book was written for my Dreamcatchers and for people who want to contribute to the rebirth of our planet, embrace slow fashion and focus on dreams that make a difference.

With raised levels of consciousness and awareness around the theme of sustainability and a collective desire to learn how to go slow;
 I will be sharing adventures of my lifelong journey as a slow fashion advocate,

The places I go to, the principles I use and what I do to extend the life cycle of fashion I own.

I believe creativity is the key to end mass consumption, not just in how we create but in how we consume.

I hope we can pass these messages from generation, to generation, to generation

And help girls and women of all ages become more empowered in the way they wish to consume fashion in the future.
As well as helping you
contribute to a more sustainable fashion lifestyle
This book will also

Help you save money and time

Change the way you shop forever

Curb your fast fashion fix

Make you a creative consumer

Help you curate a wardrobe to be proud of
Leave you feeling more empowered about your fashion choices.