To Catch A Dream Foundation

'Gia London' was never just about selling clothes...'

Its always been about inspiring women to chase their dreams, keeping their spirits ignited and allowing them to feel empowered. 

2018 gives birth to a concept which I believed I would bring to life when I was 12 years old and stopped watching the news.

'Inspiring Women to Live Their Dreams' is so much more than anything I could possibly achieve from fashion alone;

I am partnering with my best friends on growing and nurturing a community around our life's passions.

We want to support girls with 'real' challenges achieve their dreams.

This is why and how;

We believe every little girl in the world has a Dream...BIG or SMALL those dreams are like sparks waiting to be ignited.

By nurturing LOVE, CONNECTION and ENCOURAGEMENT we can collectively achieve this.

We design and deliver leadership packages created to be received in person and through social media which SUPPORT, INSPIRE, EMPOWER and FUEL the dreams and aspirations of orphaned girls living in 3rd world countries; our aim is to connect these girls to the possibility of their potential.

£1 of every item purchased through Gia London's 'DreamCatchHer' range is donated to setting up a social network which contributes to 'Real Connection'

Not Strangers but 'Sisters' and 'Daughters' of the world'

We hope that their voice, strength and courage will give power to their own daughters one day.

In 2018/2019 we are looking for selective partners and volunteers to support our growth. One hour of your valuable TIME is what we seek.

Your skills, your advice, your passion your LOVE for those that are in desperate need of it.

We will set up our online and offline packages so we can begin trials of our case study in the Summer of 2018/2019.

Our case study is Chandigarh Girls Orphanage in Sri Lanka set up by Rohan Chandigarh.(my mentor)

Our mission is to create a scalable model for 2020 in order to create a bigger impact and larger network demonstrating Sisterhood on a Global Scale.

Our Values are Sisterhood, Connection, Love.

We hope you will unite with us and inspire girls who feel challenged achieve there dreams too! 



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