Because we live in an age where people value what is rare, love what is born again and invest in fashion that leaves a positive impression on the world.



 Our DreamCatchHer Pants are Ethically designed using recycled Vintage Saris from the 50s and 60s and present a return to Slow conscious and environmentally friendly practises in Fashion.

The upcycled trousers are the launch product in the Dressed in Sunshine Product Range.

Environmentally friendly upcycled Dream Catcher Trousers are made from re-cycled silk sari fabrics, each unique, each with its’ own story to tell…

I must warn you, like all Indian summers the story is endless…

  • Colourful, luxury, wearable, versatile, unique, hot
  • Ready for beach, carnival, festival, full of Love, Adventure & Play
  • Made with crepe silk recycled saris
  • One size fits all and typically suit size 6-14
  • We love and we know you will too!









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