This custom print Kimono is a new 'Custom' print collection with 3-5 pieces available in each print. I called this collection Peacock because they feature stunning colours.

beautifully romantic and easy wearing

This style was also inspired by 1930’s and was called the Beach Robe

Dressed in Sunshine holiday, beach, lounge, party, home, festival there are so many ways i would wear this- its the most versatile design ever. 

Effortless, glamourous and practice 

Silk Chiffon

Measurements one size fits all UK 6-16 Flattering for most shapes.(Pure Happiness!)

limited availability only 1 to 5 pieces in each print

Catch me if you can...

Each kimono is unique and making a selection can be a challenge!

Message if you need help , I'm happy to talk it through.

 alternatively take a look at the Instagram wheels for styling advice 


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