The 1930s Beach Pyjama

for the love of pyjamas

Who spends 3 hours starching and pressing Victorian through 1930s apparell and loves it? Me. I love the way something rupled and creased is moved to crispness, the life breathed back into the garment. I love wondring about the last time the blouse or dress was treated with care and respect and believing that I've imparted a bit of my passion for each detail in a garment that will one day move on to a new life.I love the smell and the quiet and peace of it. Today I hope to shoot all the pieces I starched, and the highlight will be a super example of one of my favorite items to ever come across in vintage fashion.....the 1930s beach pyjama! A tremendous milestone in fashion history, beach pyjamas were the firest time women were venturing into public in casual pants.... and usually smashingly made! Though not everyone approved..... The details! Those glasses! Color! So chic. So MANY! A source of amusement and confusion for the masses.... The most stylish of little girls got in on the trend. And one form my own archives.... Starch and pyjamas. So good. PS....just came across this!