Do You Know Her?

Posted on August 25 2015

We are working on an exciting series of projects and Vlogs for the dressed in sunshine style diaries. One of our first projects is 'DO YOU KNOW HER?' Well do you?
She's dressed in sunshine, the world is her country, she wears feathers in her ears and is never far from a gem stone, glitter or a rhinestone. She glows like gold and is the colour of rainbow; escape to her is:

Hot adventure, Hot play, Hot love, Hot fashion

The sea and sand are her soul mates.

She wants to get married on a beach one day and party in Rio for carnival, go to LA for Coachella and run away with an Australian lifeguard.

She loves bubbles, rainbows and ice-cream. She still feels like she’s a girl even if she's a woman.

Drunk or sober she loves to dance, she loves watching old Audrey Hepburn films and her main aim in life is to set the place on fire, live hot and go at everything with a bang.

underwater kiss

Do you know this girl?

Please let her know I’m looking for her, please let her know there is a place in the world I am creating for her.

I want to get to know her…

I need her on my team...

Mention her in the below comment so I can take her for An


You dream is my dream…


seeking lovers, players and



Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play



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