My First Foot Steps in Fashion

Posted on May 15 2018


When I was 12 my mother gave me a jewellery making kit for Christmas.  I made earrings to sell at school; One for £3, 2 for £5. I made £40 and bought my mother perfume for her birthday.  My mother, who was a single parent, cherished the gift.

As I grew, I developed a thirst for adventure. I kept designing, using the money to take me to some of the most exotic and far flung places in the world.

In 2005 I decided to marry my passions for travel and design into a business.  I started from a stall at Portobello market and moved onto national trade shows, selling my collections internationally from concessions in Harvey Nichols to independent boutiques.

For me work is play, I love it, it sets me on fire.


Naj magazineNaj Indian Vintage market stall


Aside from designing, my main mission in life and through the voice of my brand is to connect people to their 'sunshine' through; LOVE, ADVENTURE & PLAY.

Too many people lose connection to the things they once dreamed of, the things that made them light up and set them on fire.

"The Gia London brand aims to keep its' audience connected to their inner child by taking them on adventures and inspiring them to create their own."



Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play



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