Love, Adventure & Play

Posted on May 15 2018

LOVE, ADVENTURE AND PLAY represent my highest values in life.

LOVE? Because it is the beginning and end of everything I pursue and measure my life against.  If I don’t feel it in my heart it is already a no.

In the world of business this sometimes makes no sense, I don’t always understand it myself but its usually clearer when things start to manifest.

If you haven't guessed by now I LOVE adventure! If not the physical sort resulting from a journey travelled, then the mental sort because we travel in our minds everyday-it's up to us how far we are willing to push our own personal boundaries.

PLAY is my new value which I am trying to re-adopt.

The Gia girl only ever plays and after 10 years it feels as if I'm ready to return to the Gia in me….


Wishing you Love, Adventure & Play



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