Bright, happy Summer begins her sweet reign

Posted on May 15 2018

 Vintage fashion really does travel and so I must take every opportunity to journey through what comes my way!

Whether it be local or in a land far away I am interested in beautiful things and beautiful places which whisper tales of the past; fashion, imagery, photography, textiles, prints and all things sprinkled with sunshine shimmers....

This weeks post is all about Summer, Rays and Lazy Dayz.......

Summer is coming! I hear the glad echo; Clearly it rings o'er the mountain and plain. Sorrowful Spring leaves the beautiful woodlands, Bright, happy Summer begins her sweet reign



Seaside DancingSurfing in tropical colours


Seashells in Lockets of Love

Laughter in the Sunshine

Identifying treasures found during the day

Tube fun

Which board today?

She saw sea shells by the sea shore

Any room for my bikini?

These types of shells are my favourite

Dancing with my mermaid friends



Come away with me"


Sneaky Sea Breeze

For dancing at the beach party

Lets make sand angels

shells chains are so pretty

Dressing up in my sailor girl costume is always fun

Icecream with 100's and 1000's


Just perfect to hang on a chain

My favourite swim suit- reminds me of a tropical fruit salad

Navajo mermaid

Who will have the brownest tan?

Fanshells Fanshell Fanshells

Summer Soundtrack

so relaxing & beautiful watching the sunset on the sand



How do i look hunnie?



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